Meals and Snacks

We aim to provide 5 portions fruit and vegetables a day for every child attending a full day session.

Snacks include:

✓    Fresh Fruit
✓    Fresh Vegetables
✓    Hummus Dips
✓    Breadsticks with Dips
✓    Poppadoms and Mango Chutney
✓    Freshly made Popcorn
✓    Cream Crackers with Cream Cheese
✓    Vegetable Cous Cous (warm in Winter)
✓    Custard and banana – (warm in Winter)
✓    Pitta Bread with Tzatziki Dip (warm in Winter)
✓    Roasted Sweet Potato and Garlic Dip

Lunches include:

✓    Lamb Mince Shepherd’s Pie -  ‘ Sheriff Shorty’s Shepherd’s Pie’
✓    Cumberland Sausage Casserole -  ‘Sylvester’s Scrumptious Sausage Casserole’
✓    Potato Topped Fish Pie -  ‘Fantastic Four’s Fish Pie’
✓    Quick Salmon Pasta -  ‘Simba’s Salmon Pasta’
✓    Chicken Korma served with Naan Bread -  ‘Casper’s Coconut Chicken Korma’
✓    Vegetable Soup with lentils and bread fingers -  ‘Superhero Soup with Sidekick Soldiers’

Teas include:

✓    Ham and Cheese Toasty –  ‘Snow White’s Happy Ham and Cheeky Cheese Toasty’
✓    Jam on Toast -  ‘ Jessie’s Jibber Jabber Jam Toast’
✓    Oriental Selection -  ‘Octonaughts Oriental Selection’
✓    Chicken Toasty -  ‘Chucky’s Chicken Toasty’
✓    Salmon Paste on Squares -  ‘Sooty and Sweep’s Salmon Squares’

Desserts for both Lunch and Tea include:

✓    Rice Pudding – served warm with fruit – ‘Roger Rabbit’s Radioactive Rice Pudding’
✓    Swiss roll with custard (served warm in Winter) -  ‘Cowboy Crazy Cake and Crazy Custard
✓    Yogurts -  ‘Yeti’s Yummy Yogurt’
✓    Jelly -  ‘Jasmine’s Juicy Jiggly Jelly’
✓    Whippy mousse – ‘Woody’s Wacky Whippy Mousse’
✓    Fresh Fruit – Fred Flintstone’s Fresh Fruit’

Children’s individual dietary needs will be taken into consideration and any alternatives agreed with parents/carers.

All meals are freshly prepared on the day and are free of charge.
We provide; water (pre-boiled if necessary), whole milk and very weak diluted orange juice.
There is no need to bring in feeder cups etc as we also provide these (babies with formula milk must provide their own bottles).

We have a 5 Star ‘Food Standards Agency’ rating

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