You will have set days/times which you have chosen for your child to attend the setting.

There is a minimum of two sessions per week needed. This can be either one full day, two mornings, two afternoons or a morning and afternoon on separate days.

   •    A full day session must be a minimum of 7 hours.
•    A morning session must be a minimum of 3 hours which are 9-12 and can be up to 8am -1pm at half hour intervals ie 8am, 8.30am. 12-1 is lunch hour so your cannot drop off or pick up in this hour.
•    An afternoon session must be a minimum of 3 hours which are 1-4. You can have the lunch hour 12-1 and from 4 til 6 in half hour intervals ie 12pm or 1pm until 4.30pm, 5pm, 5.30pm or 6pm.

There are reduced rates for more than one sibling attending the setting.

We try to be as flexible as possible regarding extra sessions incase something comes up and you need them in an extra session one week.

We can also book the child in for extra hours in the day given prior notice