The new Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum was introduced in September 2012, having been updated from the 2008 version.

The aim of the curriculum is to help children to achieve the outcomes for Every Child Matters
(Staying Safe, Enjoying and Achieving, Making a Positive Contribution, Economic Well-being)

The manager and her team of staff offer a warm and friendly welcome to all children, their parents and carers. They demonstrate a positive attitude towards providing an inclusive environment.

The wide range of planned and spontaneous activities ensures that all children have good opportunities to make progress in their learning and development’  OFSTED REPORT 2011

The E.Y.F.S is geared around tailor made quality play, incorporating every child’s individual needs and interests. Every child learns at their own pace, whilst having fun and making friends,  gaining essential social skills for later life.
The E.Y.F.S. is made up of 7 areas of learning and development that must be considered when developing the educational programmes in the setting. All these areas are integral and inter-connected.
There are three Prime areas and four Specific areas that make up the E.Y.F.S. These are:

•    Communication and Language
•    Physical Development
•    Personal, Social and Emotional Development

•    Literacy
•    Mathmatics
•    Understanding the World
•    Expressive Arts and Design

Each child has their own development file which is kept up-to-date by their Key Person.
Development files include Entry Records, Observations, All About Me Sheets, Pictures, E-cat, Summative Assessments and termly drawings of themselves.

Every evaluation has a ‘next step’ on it to inform planning and ensure each child progresses towards the Early Learning Goals.

By providing the children with diverse and quality resources, we ensure they feel challenged, stimulated and engaged.

Continuous Provision allows children to choose what they would like to play with, and their   diligent, erudite Key Person incorporates the framework into the play.

We go on outings to the dentist, Tullie House and various other places.
We also have visitors to the setting such as Police, Fire Fighters, P.C.S.O, Ambulance.

The setting has their own pets (guinnea pigs Domino and Nemo) and also nurture butterflies, ladybirds and frogs. This is to tie in with Medium Term Planning.

‘Staff plan activities imaginatively to capture children’s interest and encourage progress in each of the areas of learning. Assigned key staff carefully observe children and record this to clearly show progress towards the early learning goals and inform future plans. Children are learning to value peoples differences through the celebration of festivals and accessing resources, which positively reflect race, gender and disability. Consistent encouragement ensures children are developing a good knowledge of what is right and wrong. They show growing levels of independence, for instance, when using the toilet and putting their coats on to play out.’ OFSTED REPORT 2011