Partnership with Parents/carers

We work closely with parents/carers to ensure we provide the best possible care for the children and to ensure consistency with boundaries and care routines.

Parents/carers liaise with staff on a daily basis.

All About Me sheets are sent home, as are Entry Record sheets etc so we can see what the children are doing/achieving at home.

We have a C.A.P.E.R box to give parents/carers additional resources for reading to their children at home.

We have developed ‘Parent’s Pages’ for parents/carers to see if they would like to do activities at home that tie in with our Medium term planning.

Progress Reports and the Two Year Checks are filled out with the parents/carers input.

Daily Diaries are completed for children under 2 years of age, and are a nice keep sake to take home when finished.

We have ‘Wow Moments’ boards in each room where parents share what they’re children have achieved so we can celebrate them in the setting.

We also have a Facebook page in which parents can give permission to have their children on (no names are ever documented – and parents can opt out of this) so they can see what they get up to through the day. This is also a lovely way in which family who may live away can keep up to date too.

Our Facebook page can be found at

‘Equality and diversity is effectively promoted throughout all aspects of the setting. Positive relationships with parents and carers help to ensure that children’s individual needs are met. This is particularly evident for those who speak English as an additional language.’  OFSTED REPORT 2011