Our Rooms

We have the following areas within our setting:

jills Jill’s Room Jill’s Room is for the babies. It can cater for up to 12 babies aged from birth to 2 years old.The room is painted as underwater. The ceiling is the sky, with the walls being under the sea!It has a play kitchen area for the children to start their role play skills, a cosy nest for rest time or just to sit and have quiet play. We have a music tent for them to hone their musical talent.Children can access all resources from low level shelves, boxes and tables.Children’s work is exhibited on the display board.All furniture is of child height.Children have a big panoramic bay window to watch the world go by.
 sleep Sleep Room The Sleep Room houses 10 cots. Each child has their own bedding sheet. The setting does not allow bumper guards, pillows, duvets or blankets for Health and Safety reasons. We do allow Grobags.The room is constantly monitored when children are in there. There is a baby monitor linking the Sleep Room to Jill’s Room which has a digital display of the temperature on. It provides the room with relaxing music and soft lighting if needs be.Staff also frequently go in to visually check on sleeping children.
hall Hallway This is a perfect place for messy play!It has original Victorian tiles on the floor, easy peasy to clean!The hallway has The Gruffalo’s Corner for smaller groups to have a Communication Friendly Area, or to just play with smaller activities.We have a magnetic dry wipe board which provides older children with a space to practice letter and number formation, and all children somewhere to do larger mark making. There are also magnets for children to make scenes with.The craft table is for gluing, painting, baking and sensory play in shaving foam etc.We have wet green sand, dry purple sand and water that we add bubbles, glitter, food colouring, essences etc to, for an assortment of sensory experiences.
jacks Jack’s Room Jack’s Room caters for children aged 2 years to School age.Children’s artwork is presented on the display boards, along with any ‘Wow moments’. We have a big den, which is a role play area and also doubles up as a sensory den.There is a cosy area for reading books and an interactive display area.All furniture is of child height, as are the resources.Children have a home corner area, a malleable area (play dough etc), small world area.We have a water fountain for children to help themselves to throughout the session.
Outside Area We have an outside play area to the rear of the property. Outdoor resources are; bats, balls, bikes, trikes, prams, pushchairs, tunnel, trampoline, climbing frame, slide, sand, water, music maker and lots more!We can do larger craft activities too, such as the bus we made to the rightThe drive is also used on busier days and also provides children with a grassy area.The back yard has a large security gate in it and the drive also has gates, so as to provide security for the children whilst making use of the outdoor areas.We also go for walks round the block, introducing the children to the wider community. Children also enjoy dropping older ones off at school, picking them up, posting letters and collecting and paying for lunch meat at the local butchers.
Bathroom Our bathroom consists of a staff toilet and two child sized toilets.We have two child sized sinks with thermostatically controlled taps allowing for luke warm water but never hot. The staff Sink is at a much higher level and has hot water available.We have a purpose built-in nappy changing area.We provide baby wipes and nappy cream. Parents/carers must provide nappies and wipes/cream if an alternative to ours is required.We have a potties and a training seats to go on staff toilet. This allows for toilet training to be as consistent with at home as possible.The light goes on automatically (movement sensored) in dim conditions. This helps children be able to be independent when fully toilet trained and do not feel they have to ask for help unless they require it.